Mortgage Loan Officer
Please send your resume and cover letter as to why you are right for this position to

Better yet. Call me. Let's go to lunch. You have my promise I will not sit there and try to
"recruit" you.  Let's just get to know each other and find out if we are a good fit.

My personal cell phone is 801-628-7667
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Branch Manager
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Citywide is different, but more particularly, we run our branch differently.  We understand that you get paid to generate loans.  Having you in the field or making the phone calls to bring in more business can make the difference from closing a few loans to making the jump to more than ten per month.

These are a few things we do to make that possible.

1 - Loan assistant.  You will have an assistant, paid by us, to help you put loans together, gather conditions and chase down underwriting conditions.  This frees your time to do what you do best and makes you the most money - generating new business.

2 - Coaching - We pay for you to get coaching.  There's a reason top sports teams pay so much for coaches.  There is also a reason why top performers in the mortgage industry all have coaches. With a coach to help guide you, your chance of not just surviving but thriving increases dramatically.

3 - Support - I've worked at multiple places where there was no support from the branch manager or from corporate.  I strive to never be that place.  You'll always have our full support on whatever you need.

4 - Leads - Having a bad month?  Take some of the leads we generate to help you get back on track.

5 - Fast Closings.  On average we are closing loans in less than 3 weeks.  Realtors and buyers will love you when you are ready to close early rather than asking for extensions. This generates repeat business for you.

6 - Non-Tiered Compensation. I've worked at compnies that paid you less if you generated less. I always fetls that if I was having a bad month my pay was penalized twice - once for having a bad month and a second time because I was paid less.  I always hated that which is why I would never do that to you.

We don't hire everyone.  We are only looking for those that are solid working full time in the industry. 

Do you have what it takes to be a top producer?